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•  2018  « Topografia de uma cidade grande »  Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA

My nomad and participative project

Wood Bus of Side Street Project for Productions

Armory Museum for Installation for my Installation

The project is constructed bit by bit, undergoes transformations according to the country chosen, enriches itself at each new stage, meeting with inhabitants of cities, forests, countryside, intermediary zones, uncertain zones.

As from 20 May 2018, “Topografia de uma cidade grande”   will have traversed Rio de Janeiro and Sào Paulo in Brazil,  Strasbourg in France, Karlsruhe in Germany.

The device has experimented in different situations. At this day, it comprises 241 pieces (numbered 1 to 241). 

“Topografia de uma cidade grande” questions the contemporary representation of the space of a city, a territory, and questions its profound nature and its dimensions:- social, historical, poetic... 

The idea is to realise in time a VAST INSTALLATION, with all these forms made with enthusiasm, sincerity, passion and pleasure, a new territory that mocks frontiers, and which links people, provoking astonishment.

The journey of this developing device has no end. Its path is longer than human life. It is there for the duration, as work proceeds, spaces

traversed, and takes on considerable importance, thanks to the variety of human nature.. 

• 2018

Dessins Brésiliens, 

Drawings, Ink on Engraving

Sizes : 15,7X15,7 inch each one.



A Rio, Jardim Botanico.

• 2018

Novo Studio, Novo Tempo, 180m2, Port du Rhin  Strasbourg, France. 


dominique kippelen