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•  2018  P.A.F. Bastille Design Center, Paris, France.

             « Topografia de uma cidade grande n°6 »

             Octobre 2018


•  2018  "Vibrations" Without Art Galerie, Strasbourg, France. "Pièce Brésilienne"

              Xu Jing, Gao Zhenyu & Dominique Kippelen 

              Du 6 au 29 Septembre 2018   .

•  2018  "Vibrations" Without Art Galerie, Strasbourg, France. "Part Manquante"

              Du 6 au 29 Septembre 2018


•  2018  « Topografia de uma cidade grande n°3 » 

             Pasadena, CA, USA.

•  2018  « Topografia de uma cidade grande n°4 » 250m2  (détails ) 

             Los Angeles, CA, USA. 

•  2018  « Topografia de uma cidade grande n°5 »  Los Angeles, CA, USA.  

            Downtown of Los Angeles "Chantier"

• Topografia is an installation first created in Brazil during a residence in São Paulo, its purpose is to circulate from one place to another in all parts of the world, whether they are urban or rural places, cities or forests. The installation is constructed little by little, transformed at will and evolves freely from one country to the next. It becomes enriched at each new stage thanks to meetings with inhabitants in towns or cities, in-between and/or uncertain spaces, forests.

It is a dynamic participative process

One piece has to be 8cm x13cm x7 cm at the most.

•  2018

Dessins Brésiliens, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil.

Drawings, Ink on Engraving

Sizes : 15,7X15,7 inch each one.



 Jardim Botanico na chuva.


dominique kippelen